Mixcraft 5 Garageband for Windows

I want Garagband for my Windows laptop!

Ever wonder why everyone in the music business uses Garageband? Simply put Garageband is very easy to use so it does not get in the way of the creative process. Problem is, Garageband will never run on Windows for obvious reasons. Luckily Mixcraft 5 is in many ways identical to Garageband and not at all expensive.


Acoustica, the developers of Mixcraft have a simple motto: software should be easy to use and once you have used Mixcraft you will see that every effort has been made to achieve this. Personally I have used everything from Audacity to Pro Tools and can tell you that there is a serious learning curve to these programs, which in turn kills productivity and your willingness to use them!

Simple Yet Powerful

Mixcraft is one of those programs which is just intuitive, that said it is more powerful than Garageband, so if you want to get a little more technical then you can without too much effort. A good example of this is automation..... what's that? Ever watch a song playing in a studio and see the faders on the desk move automatically, raising or lowering the level of a particular track at a certain point? Well that's just one of the many more professional things you can do with Mixcraft in a couple of clicks.

Garageband and Mixcraft Identical Twins

Mixcraft's user interface probably resembles Garageband a bit too closely! This is a real bonus for Garageband/Mac users moving to the windows platform, as almost everything you do in Garageband will be nearly identical in Mixcraft. Even if you never tried Garageband then this is an ideal place to start for a windows based home recording set up.



The best way to see what I mean is to try it for yourself and you can download a 30 day trial on the right of this page.

Mixcraft 5 comes in various Flavors:

Mixcraft 5 Standard
The standard version is ideal for the starter home studio

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 Boxed
Includes Professional Mixing and Mastering tools plus additional professional virtual instruments (great value as the additional plugins and instruments cost way more individually)

Musician's Bundle 3
Includes Mixcraft Standard + Beatcraft (an easy to use drum sequencer) + additional drum samples

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 is a powerful multi-track recording, mixing, and mastering digital audio workstation (DAW).
It has both the simplicity of GarageBand and the power and features of many far more expensive products. Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 has unlimited audio effect send tracks, MIDI, plus support for VST and DirectX plug-ins, video scoring and editing, instrument and effect automation, low-latency ASIO and WaveRT driver support, AcidTM and Garage BandTM loop compatibility, it's own 3000+ built-in loop library, notation and piano-roll MIDI editing.
Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 includes everything you need to produce professional recordings and mixes, letting you compose, mix and master on your own without requiring additional software. When completed you can easily burn your completed projects directly to CD, or mix them down to several formats including WAV and MP3.

Mixcraft 5 Introduction

Introducing Mixcraft 5

Dan Goldstein, one of the Mixcraft 5 developers details some of the new features available in Mixcraft 5, including automation, video editing and some exciting new virtual instruments.

Mixcraft 5 totally blows all other budget studios out of the water and is almost as powerful as its stupidly expensive professional counterparts, if you want a studio that is intuitive and easy to use yet powerful, then Mixcraft 5 is it.
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